Dave202 - Loving You

DAVE202 is back once more with a new track that will make you GO NUTS! LOVING YOU's wonderful vocals will lift you up right until you're ready for that big drop. And well, the rest of the track, that’s Dave DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST. A POWERFUL BASSLINE, THUMPING KICKS and EPIC SYNTHS give Loving You an energy that is UNPARALLELED by any other track. Making it truly, ONE OF A KIND.
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Summer starts right now with Sirup Music Artist DAVE202 and his upcoming new gem OPEN UP YOUR HEART. Filled with emotion and only good vibes this release will stick in your head for a long time, so OPEN UP YOUR HEART and let your soul be fulfilled.



Was für ein Weekend! Danke Tomorrowland & Mazda (Suisse) SA - und danke meinen zwei, drei Freunden, die das mitermöglicht haben und danke allen Fans, die extra zu der Madza Journey Island Stage gekommen sind! Es war genial! Dank könnt ihr hier noch meinen Foto-Report nachlesen! Danke an alle und ich hoffe auf nächstes Jahr und auf viele weitere Parties & Raves in der Schweiz, supportet auch unsere Events hier, denn wir können ja schon auch Party machen! Good Night and have a nice week - bald ist Street Parade - Official! 


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Dave202 - Open Up You Heart

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So happy! I will represent Switzerland at @ Tomorrowland on the “Mazda Journey Island” Stage and I am really excited about this gig! You are a part of that, because without Mazda (Suisse) SA, my fans, friends and my team I would have never reached that goal!


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